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“Error applying transforms” during Uninstall

I came across this error whilst trying to uninstall CA ITM on our Server, after a little bit of research it was because the original location of the installation media had moved, for example in our case I originally installed the product from the d: in the server i have subsequently move the installation files to one of our NAS drives.

To correct this problem you need edit a registry key located at HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\ I then did a search for the product name and in the right hand column it listed a Transform key with a file path which pointed to the old location, I simply changed the path to the new on and then uninstalled from add/remove programs and it worked fine.

5 comments to “Error applying transforms” during Uninstall

  • Dave

    Thanks for this.
    After failing to find an answer anywhere, after getting a problem during the uninstallation of Java, I managed to fix the problem by adapting your method.
    I located the transform key in the location you mention, which highlighted an msi file, required for the uninstallation. The msi was missing, and so I had to install the specific version of Java on a different machine, then copy the contents of the App Data folder that the transform key was targetting (including this msi) onto the server.
    After this, I reran the windows uninstaller and successfully removed the application.
    Thanks again, much appreciated.

  • Mark

    Thank you, i’m glad it managed to put you on the right track to solve the issue you were having.

  • JHK

    I checked the transforms location and it was valid, but there was an issue with the files contained therein. I had to copy those files from a working system before I could successfully process the unisntall.

  • Zy

    I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to throw my two cents in. If you browse to that path in the registry, find the offending program, export the registry key as a backup, and delete the entry for the transforms altogether. I inherited a network with an old out of date eTRUST ITM install with no disc whatsoever. Doing this allowed me to uninstall.

  • Rhys K

    Hi Firstwave,

    Your solution worked a right treat for me, much appreciated for the information

    Many Thanks

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