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WSUS 3.0 Fails with error regarding performance counters

I came across an error today when trieing to install WSUS 3 on one of our servers, it appeared to get to the end of the installation process and then failed with the error.

‘Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP2 could not install WSUSService and the performance counters. For more information, see the Setup logs’


Default WSUS 3 groups for SBS 2003

I noticed after the WSUS server was upgraded on some of our servers the default groups seem to have disappeared here is a list of the default ones.

Unassigned Computers

Update Services Client Computers

Update Services Excluded Computers

Update Services Server Computers

SBS 2003 Console does not manage update after installing WSUS 3 SP1

If you make a change to WSUS administration console or update the software to WSUS 3 it will stop the SBS console reporting the status of updates on your network.

The following things can disable updates on the console

Under Automatic Approvals, the Default Automatic Approval Rule is enabled in Options. Under Products and Classifications, […]