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Keep losing the gateway on SBS 2008

I noticed recently when one of our sbs 2008 servers got rebooted the gateway would disappear, the first time it happened i thought nothing of it I just ran the fix my network wizard and that sorted it but the next time it rebooted it disappeared again, it turns out its a known issue i […]

Accessing Companyweb from the Server Itself after 963027 or Windows 2008 SP 2

I came across an issue on SBS 2003 and SBS 2008 accessing http://companyweb on the server, after installing the cumulative security update for Internet Explorer (963027 or 969897) or Internet Explorer 8.0 or Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2.

To fix the problem


On an SBS 2003 server this issue can be fixed by […]

Passthrough hard drives on Hyper-V Server

Well its my first post and i just finished installing SBS 2008 on Hyper-v server R2 Beta with no real problems what so ever i expected it to run incredibly slow but i was pleasently supprised with the speed of it, there were a couple of quirks when it comes to adding extra hard drives […]