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Disable SBCore on SBS 2003

One of the SBS 2003 servers we were in the process of migrating started shutting down every hour because we had reached the 21 day limit imposed by Microsoft.

To over come this limitation i found the following info from this website

To disable we followed the below:

Download the Process Explorer tool from SysInternals […]

How to stop the SBCore service from shutting down your server

Tools you’ll need – Process Explorer

As you probably know, you have a service called “SBCore Service”, which executes the following process: C:\WINDOWS\system32\sbscrexe.exe

If you kill it, it just restarts – and if you try and stop it you are told Access Denied.

If you fire up Process Explorer, you can select the process […]

Link state suppression is not enabled

When running the Exchange Server Pre-Deployment Analyser in preparation for an exchange migration it found a problem on the existing Exchange 2003 server.

Link state suppression in not enabled

Before introducing Exchange Server 2010 into this topology, the ‘SuppressStateChanges’ configuration parameter should be set to ‘1’ on server server.domain.local. This parameter is essential if you […]

Changing the SMTP port on Exchange 2003

I needed to change the port for outgoing emails on on of our SBS 2003 server to 587 as the new host doesn’t use port 25 for outgoing emails, at first i thought this might be set in the SMTP connector but that is not correct.

The listening port and outbound TCP port are actually […]

IPSEC service fails to start

I found on several of our servers that the ipsec service fail’s to start on some of our SBS servers, this is because the DNS service randomly picks 2500 ports and seems to pick the port ipsec uses, to fix this you need to add some exclusions into the registry.

Open regedit and go to […]

Manually Delete a Windows Service

To delete a service manually first of all you need to find the service name go to Administrative Tools and then Services and double click on the service you want to remove, take a note of where it says service name

I this example its AcrSchSvc then you need to open an elevated command […]

Connecting Windows 2008 Terminal Server to SBS 2003

When joining a Windows 2008 server to a SBS 2003 network to be used as a terminal server it doesn’t automatically show up on the RWW as an Application Sharing Server to add the server to RWW you need to modify some registry keys on both the SBS2003 server and the 2008 server.

First on […]

WSUS 3.0 Fails with error regarding performance counters

I came across an error today when trieing to install WSUS 3 on one of our servers, it appeared to get to the end of the installation process and then failed with the error.

‘Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP2 could not install WSUSService and the performance counters. For more information, see the Setup logs’


Opening Office 2007 documents from the Companyweb in SBS2003

I recently encountered a problem where we couldn’t open documents using the new office file format when opening them from the Companyweb on SBS2003, and if I tried to save them it saved them as a zip file.

After a bit of research I narrowed it down to being mime entries being missing from iis […]

Default WSUS 3 groups for SBS 2003

I noticed after the WSUS server was upgraded on some of our servers the default groups seem to have disappeared here is a list of the default ones.

Unassigned Computers

Update Services Client Computers

Update Services Excluded Computers

Update Services Server Computers