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How to Make Terminal Servers Appear in Remote Web Access on SBS 2011

  1. Log on to SBS 2011 as an Administrator
  2. Open Registry Editor. In the Registry Editor, navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SmallBusinessServer
  3. Create a sub-key “RemoteUserPortal” under the key “SmallBusinessServer“, if it does not already exist
  4. Under the “RemoteUserPortal” key, create a new a Multi-String Value with the name”TsServerNames” (without the quotes; note the capitalization)
  5. Edit the “TsServerNames” value, add your TS servers name into the value data (one server per line), and then click OK to save them
  6. After completing this, the servers you added into the registry will show to all RWA users in their computer selection list.

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