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Hyper-V R2 RC Upgrade

I decided i was going to upgrade my copy of Hyper-V server R2 Beta over the weekend to the RC version, after checking the Microsoft website for any possible repercussions it seemed to suggest it was a simple upgrade, so after some full backup of the guest operating systems (always a wise move before making any changes) i shut down the os’s and put the disk in and ran setup.

It went throught the usual install routine copy files, expanding files etc and then rebooted, all seemed ok accept after a few minutes when i would normally be able to access my server, nothing, oh for god’s sake was the first thing that ran through my mind, and out of my mouth for that matter.

But a quick look in Hyper-V manager revealed it couldn’t find 2 passthrough drives, although they were still in the list so i simply selected them again and hit start and it began to boot, i didn’t look into the problem at any depths i was just glad it started working, but the only thing i noticed was the drives were both 500gb Samsung hard drives.

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