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Can’t set keyboard to United Kingdom Windows 8.1

I came across an issue after updating to Windows 8.1 with the keyboard language being set to United States instead of United Kingdom even though UK was set as default.

To resolve the issue I needed to go to the charms menu, click settings, the control panel then click language.
You will probably see (English UK) and (English US) click the US keyboard and click options, click ‘add an input method’ and click UK keyboard, click add.

You will then notice that ENG US appears next to the clock, click on it and change it to UK keyboard, this solved it for me.

2 comments to Can’t set keyboard to United Kingdom Windows 8.1

  • John Walker

    Thank you so much – I’d been through the normal add keyboard layout/set as default – with no success. Yet other accunts on this very same PC were OK. This cured it for the ‘new’ account – now I don’t mix up the double quotes and at signs!

  • Ian Shaw

    Many thanks – this was really proving very tiresome and we’ve been struggling with this since we upgraded 4 pcs last March. 2 of them worked perfectly and 2 ended up with the US keyboard and no £ sign which was a pain when trying to quote customers in the UK!

    Many thanks for the top tip!

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