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Update Offline Address Book causes error Exchange 2010

I had an error on a recently migrated SBS2011 server, when i tried to regenerate the offline address book in the Exchange Management Console as i noticed new users where not appearing in the Global Address List it was coming up with the error

‘couldnt find database domain.local/configuration/deleted objects/public folder store’

as part of the error message i notice it referenced the old now decommissioned server which explains the couldn’t find database part of the message, after a bit of digging through technet it turns out i needed to make a change using ASDI Edit to the Offline Address List key here is what i did.

Launch ASDIEdit (Be careful with this tool it can kill your server)

  • Open the Configuration Naming Context
  • First go to the following CN=Configuration,CN=Services,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Organization,CN=Administrative Groups,CN=Administrative group,CN=Folder Hierarchies,CN=Public Folders
  • Right Click the public folders and click properties
  • in the list select distinguishedName and click edit copy the contents of the value box to notepad then click cancel
  • Drill down CN=Configuration, CN=Services, CN=Microsoft Exchange, CN=Organisation, CN=Address List Container, CN=Offline Address Lists
  • Right click Default Offline Address List and click properties
  • in the list find siteFolderServer and click edit paste the line of text you copied earlier into the value box and click ok, and ok again.
  • Restart the Exchange Information Store Service, and then try to regenerate the offline address book again.

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