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Update Offline Address Book causes error Exchange 2010

I had an error on a recently migrated SBS2011 server, when i tried to regenerate the offline address book in the Exchange Management Console as i noticed new users where not appearing in the Global Address List it was coming up with the error

‘couldnt find database domain.local/configuration/deleted objects/public folder store’

as part of the error message i notice it referenced the old now decommissioned server which explains the couldn’t find database part of the message, after a bit of digging through technet it turns out i needed to make a change using ASDI Edit to the Offline Address List key here is what i did.

Launch ASDIEdit (Be careful with this tool it can kill your server)

  • Open the Configuration Naming Context
  • First go to the following CN=Configuration,CN=Services,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Organization,CN=Administrative Groups,CN=Administrative group,CN=Folder Hierarchies,CN=Public Folders
  • Right Click the public folders and click properties
  • in the list select distinguishedName and click edit copy the contents of the value box to notepad then click cancel
  • Drill down CN=Configuration, CN=Services, CN=Microsoft Exchange, CN=Organisation, CN=Address List Container, CN=Offline Address Lists
  • Right click Default Offline Address List and click properties
  • in the list find siteFolderServer and click edit paste the line of text you copied earlier into the value box and click ok, and ok again.
  • Restart the Exchange Information Store Service, and then try to regenerate the offline address book again.

2 comments to Update Offline Address Book causes error Exchange 2010

  • Andrey

    I tried another solution to do the same from Exchange Managment Conslole without touching ADSI Edit tool.
    Exchange management console> Organization Configuration> Mailbox> Offline Address Book
    a. open the properties of the Default Offline Address List and go to the tab distribution.
    b. Uncheck “Outlook version 2 and 3″ at client support and “Enable public folder distribution”.
    Make sure “Web-based distribution” is enabled. Choose apply and ok,then right click on Default Offline Address List and choose update.
    c. After that go back to properties and distribution and check “Outlook client support version 2 and 3″ and “Enable public folder distibution”. Again choose apply and ok and right click and choose update.
    After this you will see that value will be corrected.
    The information taken from

  • Richard Ames

    Thank you for your excellent tip and saving me a ton of time.
    Go buy yourself a beer!

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