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Can not print graphs properly in Excel 2007

I came across a strange problem in Excel 2007 today it wouldn’t be the first i might add, where it wouldn’t print graphs properly it wouldn’t print one of the lines on the graph out of two, at first i thought it might be a problem fixed in a service pack so i downloaded all 200 odd mb of sp2 but that didn’t work, so thought it might be printer drivers but it wasn’t.

What it turned out to be was a tick box that says smoothed lines, i right clicked on the problem line, clicked format data series, click line style and untick smoothed line it then printed ok.

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  • I had a similar problem in Excel 2007, all of a sudden my graphs did not print properly on multiple printers (looked fine in print preview), parts of the graph printer but some parts were missing. Found out the problem was a Windows Update (KB2596596) once I uninstalled this update it printed fine.

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