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Unable to mount Exchange 2010 Database after restore

I recently ran across the following error message after restoring an Exchange 2010 mailbox into a Recovery Storage Group.

An Active Manager operation failed. Error The database action failed.
Error: operation failed with message: MapiExceptionCallFailed: Unable to mount database.
(hr=0x80004005, ec=1011)

I was following this article on restoring an Exchange Database into a Recovery group, i managed to get as far as getting the database into a clean shutdown state but it still wouldn’t mount.

The only difference between this article and my situation was a colleague had already somehow managed to create the Recovery Group in Exchange with a database in a Dirty Shutdown state.

After searching the internet i found several articles regarding adding permissions etc but none of these related to my situation.

It turned out all i needed to do to get the database mounted was to

  • Open Exchange Management Console
  • Go to Organisation
  • Go to Mailbox
  • Open you Mailbox properties
  • Click Maintenance tab
  • Tick This database can be overwritten by a restore click ok
  • Mount Database again

This time it mounted successfully for me.

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