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Block internet access using a Draytek router

I found this information over on the Draytek website here but i went a little further by creating a group of blocked users and also creating  schedule to allow internet access between a certain time for one machine.

I started by creating a schedule original article here

I followed the first part of the article to setup the time and date and the actual schedule in the router by going to

  • System Maintenance
  • Time and Date
  • and setting the router to use internet time and daylight savings

I then created the schedule by going to

  • Applications
  • Schedule
  • Clicked on index 1
  • I then set the start date the start time and the duration (note this is not the end time but the duration)

I then created the group of users i needed blocking unfortuatly for me they had random ip’s dotted around the range so i had to add them manually instead of selecting an range by going to

  • Object Settings
  • IP object
  • Add the ip addresses i needed blocking
  • Create a group called blocked users by clicking IP Group and then adding the addresses to that group

The next stage is to create the firewall rule to block internet access i did this by doing the following

  • Go to Firewall
  • Filter Setup
  • Select No. 2 Default Data Filter
  • Select No. 2
  • Give the rule a name Blocked Users in my case
  • Direction – LAN -> WAN
  • Source IP – select you newly created Blocked Users group
  • Further down under Filter i selected Block if No further Match
  • Click OK

I then created the exception rule fir using the internet a dinner time

  • Go to Firewall
  • Filter Setup
  • Select No.2 Default Data Filter
  • Select no. 3
  • Give the rule a name Allowed at dinner in my case
  • Type 1 in the schedule index (we created this before)
  • Direction – LAN -> WAN
  • Source IP – I added the ip address of the machine than needed access
  • Under filter select Pass if no further match

And that should be it this work for our particular scenario


2 comments to Block internet access using a Draytek router

  • Tony Gibbons

    Thank you so much!! I have been trying to do a similar task (stop teenage daughter accessing the internet all night) for some time now on a Vigor 2760 running Dray/OS Delight. I’d figured out that to restrict specific devices I needed to bind IP to Mac, create IP objects and then an IP group and I’d created a schedule but I just could not figure out how to link all the bits and use them to restrict access and unless I’d stumbled upon this nugget of information I don’t think I ever would. A lot of control on these routers but not the most intuitive of interfaces. Thanks again.

  • John S

    I’d like to second that thanks – and for exactly the same reason, teenage daughter, with a near teenage son following up close behind.

    I’ll add that although I won’t know until I’ve tested – I think if I add a ‘pass immediately’ rule for the various machines I want to add to the OK list (IP TV etc) and that rule is further up the list then I can simplify things a bit and just block everyone from 8pm to 8am because for the ‘pass’ list they won’t get that far down the firewall rules list.

    Thanks again.

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