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CA Threat Manager r8.1 Windows 7

First of all can i just say how completely rubbish CA’s website is  you can’t find anything on.

But appart from that they have released a patch for CA Integrated Threat Management r8.1 for Windows 7 support.  It allows the product to download updates which is always nice in a anti virus product


1) Stop the eTrust ITM Services:

CA Pest Patrol Realtime Protection Service (If present)
eTrust Antivirus Realtime Service
eTrust ITM Job Service
eTrust ITM RPC Service

2) Rename the current c:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\CAUpdate\CAUpdate.dll to CAUpdate.old

3) Copy the appropriate file, CAUpdate x86 or CAUpdate x64 to the SharedComponents\CAUpdate folder and rename to CAUpdate.dll

4) Restart all of the stopped eTrust ITM services

*Note, after ITM Agent machine updates to ITMCommon version 8.1.664 it will overwrite the CAUpdate.dll that was replaced.
You will need to replace the CAUpdate.dll (again) by following steps 1-4.

I can’t remember where i got this info from but thank you.

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