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FTP Problems on a client machine connected to SBS 2003 network

I have just come across a strange problem accessing ftp site via IE7 on a client machine on an SBS 2003 nework specifically the companies house website, when the client tried to right click and save as, they would get  ‘ The connection the the server has been reset ‘ error message and the good old  ‘ This page cannot be displayed ‘  when trying to browse the ftp site.

On their particular setup they have a adsl modem connected to the 2nd nic on the sbs server so all the internet traffic is routed via the server.

To cut a long story short the solution was to disable Receive Side Scaling on the Server (Broadcom) nic not the internet nic i right clicked the Local Area Connection and clicked properties, click configure next the to the network adaptor, click the advanced tab, choose Receive Side Scaling and set to disable, (Warning this temporarily disconnects the server from the network).

After a little bit more research on this problem i came across a KB article on the subject appearently it effects serveral versions of Windows server 2003 SP1 & SP2 and SBS 2003 & R2, in this article Microsoft suggest disabling RSS via a registry key although i have not tried this solution. KB927695

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