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CD/DVD unable to load devices drivers after removing Roxio

I didn’t think this problem happened anymore i first saw it on Windows 2000 but i came across it again on a Windows 7 machine, to get your DVD/CD working you need to delete the upper and lower filters in the following registry key.



Move Sage Payroll Data

To relocate your data to another location, open Payroll open the File menu and choose Relocate Data. This allows you to browse to the required location. Once complete, your Payroll data will be located and accessed from its new location.

To ensure other PCs on your network are connected to the same data, copy the […]

How to allow users to download exe-files from an iis 6 server

By default, IIS 6.0 will not serve unknown extensions and this includes exe and dmg files. When a user requests such file, IIS will reply back with a 404 status code.

The solution to this problem is to allow the exe extension.

To allow exe files to be downloaded to the client, follow these steps:


No DNS Records for Domain Aliases in Plesk

ISSUE: When adding a Domain Alias in Plesk, there are no DNS records.

CAUSE: In Plesk 8.3, there is a bug that occurs when adding a Domain Alias through the plesk control panel.

RESOLUTION In Plesk under “Domain Aliases”.

1. Delete old Domain Alias record if it exists. 2. Click “Add New Domain Alias” 3. […]

CA Threat Manager r8.1 Windows 7

First of all can i just say how completely rubbish CA’s website is you can’t find anything on.

But appart from that they have released a patch for CA Integrated Threat Management r8.1 for Windows 7 support. It allows the product to download updates which is always nice in a anti virus product


1) […]

How to find the optimum MTU

This is something i am always forgetting so here it is, the best way to find your optimal MTU setting is to use the ping command, open your command prompt and use the following command.

ping -f -l 1500 (lower case F and L not a 1)

you will receive something similar to this.


Repairing the Yosemite Backup Catalog

Just in case i ever need to repair the database again which seems to go funny more often than you would expect.

Yosemite KB TID:001583

Yosemite Backup incorporates a “self repairing” (ha!!!) database, however it may occasionally be desirable to manually initiate a database repair operation.


How To Restore A Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 Database With Yosemite Backup

I needed to restore an exchange 2003 database the other day and getting info from the yosemite website or stickleback or whatever they are called nowadays is like pulling teeth, i eventually found this on their site so i made a note of it then i never have to go back there again.

Yosemite KB […]

Exclude files from offline files sync

To stop the error messages appearing when offline files try to sync pst and mdb as well as various others, you can add some exclusions using group policy goto Computer Configuration – Administrative Templates – Network – Offline Files and the is a setting called Files Not Cached, where you can add the file extensions […]

In IE6 open a new window every instance

One i can never remember how to do is open a new instance of IE6 whenever a you double click a link, instead of it opening in the same window and losing the site you where on at the time. Because this was before tabs where invented.

In Internet Explorer click tools, options go to […]